Memory Metals (Minnesmetaller) is an independent short film / fiction (15:50 min) by director and scriptwriter Beata Konar about digital stress, identity crisis and the longing for a world that no longer exists.

Beata Konar, director & scriptwriter Beata
© Miko Lazic

Roland, a retired engineer, gets an iPad from his family to keep him updated in the modern digital world. Instead of digital euphoria the new technology breaks him down in to bits. Roland longs for the world  he once understood and for the love of his ex-wife who left him when the world was still analogue.

IMDb Memory Metals (Minnesmetaller)

Cast: Bengt CW Carlsson, Katarina Weidhagen, Annelie Hedin, Patrik Franke
Voices: Sasha Konar Lazic & Nadja Franke

Scriptwriter & Director: Beata Konar
Cinematographer: Miko Lazic
Producers: Miko Lazic & Beata Konar / Moonlighting STHLM
Executive Producers: Miko Lazic, Beata Konar, Ryszard Konar & Anna Konar
Focus puller/Drone pilot: Marcus CF Tinnerholm
Sound: Elizabeth Carlyon & Joakim Gustafsson
Costume: Stina Hedin
Art Direction: Elizabet Glimrot & Annika Johanson
Make up Artist: Lillis Hemmingsson / assistant: Amanda Holmberg
Continuity: Sophie Weidling
Runner/Assistant: Frans Van Hal

Editing: Miko Lazic & Beata Konar
Comp & VFX: Miko Lazic
Plate TV Studio: Elizabet Glimrot
Grading: Sebastian Guest & Miko Lazic
Sound Design: Melissa Pons
Foley: Gianluca Dolfi
Composer: Jimmy Lagnefors
Mix: Erik Häusler & Anders Kwarnmark

Script Consultant: Annica Wennström
Cinematograhy Consultant: Bratislav Stankovic
Editing Consultant: Fredrik Alneng, Kirsi Vikman, Jimmy Karlsson

Behind the scenes:




© Beata Konar & Miko Lazic