The independent Swedish filmmaker duo Beata Konar and Miko Lazic  have been working together for more than 23 years with movies; documentaries, feature films, short films, music videos, corporate films and commercials.  Memory Metals (Minnesmetaller) is their most recent production – an independent short film / fiction (15:50 min) about digital stress, identity crisis and the longing for a world that no longer exists. Written and directed by Beata Konar. Produced and shot by Miko Lazic. Music by the Swedish composer Jimmy Lagnerfors. With Bengt CW Carlsson and Katarina Weidhagen in the leading roles.

Official Trailer:

Roland, a retired engineer, gets an iPad from his family to keep him updated in the modern digital world. Instead of digital euphoria the new technology breaks him down in to bits. Roland longs for the world he once understood and for the love of his ex-wife who left him when the world was still analogue.

Director & scriptwriter: Beata Konar
© Miko Lazic

Directors statement Beata Konar:
“I have been working as an independent filmmaker, writer and journalist for all my career. My vision is to produce films with a humanistic commitment discussing important ethical, existential and social issues. The mission is to tell stories that needs to be told, stories that makes people reflect about who they are, who they want to be, and what they expect out of life. I hope that Memory Metals will open up for a discussion about the issue of loosing your identity in a world that changes fast. Digitalization brings a new form of illiteracy that we have to become aware of. We have to talk about those who are left outside the big technical revolution, about those who no longer will be able to be a part of the modern society. Who is going to help them and how can we include them?

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Poster_Memory Metals_A3_MARS2019©Poster: Nina Karlsson / Pinor Art Illustration

Actors: Bengt CW Carlsson & Katarina WeidhagenMEMORY METALS PHOTO 2

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©Photos: Miko Lazic